Predestination, Part 3: Texts that Prove Election and Reprobation

Here we will consider the two branches of God’s sovereign predestining decree – election and reprobation. Instead of offering extensive commentary, here we just want to list the pertinent texts. I will put the phrases that relate immediately to predestination in bold. These are not texts for us to grind with in theological debates; they … Read more

Predestination, Part 2: Defining Terms

Defining Terms: Predestination, Election, Reprobation, and Compatibilism As we said in the first article in this series (, “predestination” speaks of a plan that has been set beforehand. In the context of the Bible, it refers to the sovereign will and decree of God regarding man’s salvation. It means that God has sovereignly planned for all … Read more

Can Christians lose their salvation?

The quick answer to this question is, “No, Christians cannot lose their salvation, because salvation is a state that is secured by the power and love of Christ, not by the works of men.” The doctrine that best addresses this question goes by two names – “perseverance of the saints” and “eternal security.” Wayne Grudem defines … Read more