Recommended Video Resources

Below is a collection of documentaries and videos that relate to Biblical doctrine, gospel truth, church history, and revival. In many cases, the entire documentary is available online for free. Where the whole documentary is not available, we have listed the trailer. We pray these resources may help guide you in your pursuit of loving, life-changing Christian truth!

“American Gospel: Christ Alone” – 1-hour version: 

“American Gospel: Christ Crucified” – trailer:

Trailer to “Calvinist,” full movie available on Vimeo: 

“The God who Speaks,” on the authority of the Bible: 

“Puritan: All of Life to the Glory of God” – Trailer:

Excellent documentary on Charles Spurgeon: 

Another excellent Spurgeon documentary: 

Trailer for an excellent documentary on Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Full film available on Vimeo: 

Wonderful interview with Martyn Lloyd-Jones: 

Martyn Lloyd-Jones speaking about the itinerant preaching ministry of George Whitfield: 

Excellent Andrew Murray documentary: 

Trailer for a documentary on John Knox – full film available online: 

Full John Knox BBC documentary available on YouTube, with some non-Christian bias from BBC:

A detailed history of “The Scottish Covenanters”: 

“John Knox and the Scottish Covenanters”: 

“In the Steps of the Covenanters”:

All episodes of “Scotland’s Forgotten History” available for free on Youtube: 

Documentaries on Amy Carmichael: 

“Wind of the Spirit: the Story of the Lewis Revival”: 

“The Hebrides Revival: A Retrospective”: